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Our strategy is to deliver sustainable, profitable growth, and is supported by a focus on six key elements:
  • People are the lifeblood of our business, the single factor that makes the difference between Bandeira and our peers. Every year, we make a significant investment in attracting, retaining and developing the best people in the industry at all levels. This ensures that our people have the expertise to do a great job and are motivated to put the client first by carrying out their tasks efficiently and effectively. Our employee discount program remains a really important benefit to all of our people and we have expanded the range of rewards it offers.
  • Everything we do is focused on our clients. We are all about service excellence and mark our progress as much by client satisfaction and retention rates as by our own financial performance. Bandeira clients stay with us because we prove our value. Often, our relationships begin with a contract to provide a single service. Then, as the client experiences the value we bring to the business, the relationship evolves into a bundle of services or a fully integrated contract which sees us deliver a raft of different services under a single agreement.
  • Helping clients operate more efficiently is our core skill. It is why clients choose to work with us and why we have grown so consistently. However, we know that there is always a better way of working - a better way to deliver operational excellence and the best way to stay ahead of the competition. Management information, data and technology is an increasingly critical part of our service offering, and we continue to invest in this area. Our team continually seeks out new and better ways of working. That means concentrating on what matters most to customers, listening to feedback and being innovative to meet ever-increasing expectations
  • Our current and future performance will be driven by our experience and expertise in our core trade markets. However, our skills are also relevant to adjacent sectors where we can connect strategically with customers and offer them efficient and quality services. Technology-led solutions have become a key differentiator to our offering. We have continued to invest in niche areas that give us different capabilities and enable us to constantly expand the breadth of what we do for our clients.
  • Risk management is not a 'nice to have' but an essential aspect of how we work. Our approach to risk management is based on an enterprise-wide framework through which we identify, mitigate and manage our significant risks at both an operational and strategic level. Risk management informs every single decision we take, including our exits from our construction and Asset Management businesses, both of which were completed during the year.
  • Our business is about more than delivering great service to clients and meeting shareholder expectations. As a very large employer, we touch the lives of countless people, directly and indirectly. We have a huge opportunity to use our expertise and resources to support local communities and minimize our impact on the environment. This year was one of our most successful years to date for the way in which we succeeded on both counts.